Real Estate Agents and Potential Buyers


St. Paul at Chase Condominium welcomes the opportunity to help new real estate agents and potential buyers.


In order to help you we have compiled a list of things you need to know.

new resident information

Move-in / Move-outs

  1. Only the freight elevator will be used for moving into or out of the building.

  2. All moving activity must be scheduled with either the receptionist desk or the management office and approved by the manager not less than 48 hours prior to the move.


No owner shall permit or allow a residential unit to be regularly occupied by a greater number of residents than:

One bedroom unit 2 persons
Two bedroom unit 4 persons
Three bedroom unit 6 persons

The term "regular occupancy" shall mean occupancy of a unit by any person or persons for a period in excess of thirty (30) days on any one occasion with a limit of sixty (60) cumulative days in any one calendar year.

Owners shall provide the condominium management office with a true copy of the fully executed lease pertaining to any tenant(s) being approved for move-in. The lease shall list the authorized occupants and shall specifically provide that the tenant agrees to fully abide by all of the provisions of the condominium documents, by-laws and rules and regulations and that any failure to do so shall constitute a default of the lease. The unit owner(s) shall be fully responsible for his / her / their tenant as set forth in Rule #1 of the St. Paul at Chase Condominium Rules and Regulations, revised August 20, 1997. No lease shall be for a term less than twelve calendar months. Sub-leases between the lessee (tenant) and others are specifically prohibited.

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